Coffee Lecture

Coffee Lecture "From Emergency Homes to Modular Urban Housing"

The coffee lecture "From Emergency Homes to Modular Urban Housing" on January 29th at ETH Zurich's main hall, featuring Xavier Blaringhem, provided a compelling exploration of housing solutions in the context of Ukraine's future reconstruction. Xavier guided the audience through the evolution from single-unit emergency homes to the challenges and opportunities of scaling them for collective housing and urban development. The presentation emphasized the advantages of modularity and technology in achieving high-quality, efficient processes, sustainability, collaboration, and open-source initiatives for local communities.

This coffee lecture, integral to the "ETH with Ukraine - Exchanging Knowledge for a Sustainable Future" exhibition, showcased the vital intersection of design, technology, and collaborative efforts in shaping the future of urban housing. We extend our appreciation to Xavier and our engaged audience for their participation in this enlightening session.