Humanitarian Aid Collection

Humanitarian Aid Collection

Our recent humanitarian aid collection drive before the winter holidays was a tremendous success, thanks to your incredible support and generosity! 💫 This winter season, a tremendous number of people joined us to spread warmth and hope for those who need it the most.

🧣 With your help, we collected an abundance of warm and waterproof clothing for people who need it in this cold season. Moreover, we also collected many presents for kids from frontline/occupied territories as part of the St Nicholas Reindeer initiative. The outpouring of donations was truly heartwarming!

🌍 During the collection on November 3, their Excellences the Ambassadors of Ukraine I. Venediktova, and the US S.C. Miller visited us to discuss topics of the current situation and humanitarian relief in Ukraine. It was an insightful and fruitful conversation!

🎁 The collected items are on their way to shelters, hospitals, and near-frontline towns. Almost 400 kg of goods will soon reach the recipients, bringing them hope and relief.

Your compassion and willingness to support others have made this humanitarian aid collection possible. Thank you for your kindness, generosity, and commitment to helping others! Let's continue spreading warmth and kindness throughout the year!