Make a difference: support Ukrainian libraries and publishing houses

Make a difference: support Ukrainian libraries and publishing houses

From June 1st until July 31st, UASAZ runs a charity project to support Ukrainian publishers and libraries. Thousands of books are destroyed and burned in Ukraine as a consequence of targeted missile or infantry attacks by the russian army. The most recent example of such an event is the targeted destruction of more than 50’000 books printed at the Factor-Druck publishing house in Kharkiv.

With this initiative, we want to contribute to helping the affected institutions. To do so, we will support the project "Різниця є" (There is a difference) which is organized by reading promoter and blogger Emma Antonyuk (@emmocean) and "Є"(Ye) Bookstore (@knyharnia_ye). The project is designed to collect books for the libraries of the front-line and de-occupied territories, as well as those where there is nothing left to read after the write-off of russian funds.

Within June and July, we invite you to support our project and suggest the following ways:

  1. you can donate to the UASAZ bank or twint account (please find QR codes in the announcement poster or bank account details below). Just put a remark “for the book project”. In August, we will report on the collected money and order the books for the project. The price of the books varies between 5 and 20 CHF - so any donation will make a difference!
  2. you can also support the initiative online by buying two or more books on the “Є”(Ye) Bookstore website and ticking the box next to the window "Join the "Різниця є" Project".

We would appreciate it if you could spread the word about the project, tag us in your social media publications about our initiative, and support it with your contribution.

Whatever option you choose makes a difference, and many Ukrainians who will read the ordered books will thank you. Also, every ordered book helps the publishing houses to continue their work! So let us do a good project together!

Bank account details:

CH75 0900 0000 1604 1749 3
Sonneggstrasse 5
8092 Zürich