Movie Screening

Movie Screening "A City within a Building"

The poignant movie screening of "A City within a Building" on January 25th at ETH Zurich's HG E3 room left an indelible impact on our audience. The documentary, created by the Center for Spatial Technologies & Forensis and a network of independent creatives, portrayed the Mariupol Drama Theatre's transformation into a self-organized commune during the harrowing times of war. Valeria Prorizna, the Ukrainian filmmaker and creative producer, along with Mykhailo Bogachov, a researcher in music and philosophy of AI, provided insights into the production history and the nuances of cross-border collaboration during wartime.

This screening, an integral part of the "ETH with Ukraine - Exchanging Knowledge for a Sustainable Future" exhibition, showcased the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. We express our gratitude to Valeria, Mykhailo, and our engaged audience for contributing to this powerful exploration of solidarity and resistance.