Movie Screening

Movie Screening "Iron Butterflies"

The screening of the impactful film "Iron Butterflies" on February 2nd commemorated the tragic events surrounding Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, shot down near Hrabove, Donetsk oblast, on July 17, 2014 by the russian-controlled forces. The film, directed by Ukrainian filmmaker Roman Liubyi, presented an important investigation of this war crime that claimed the lives of 298 passengers and crew.

The film includes contributions from the archives, news, social media, and artistic elements and represents a powerful work, recognized at prestigious film festivals such. Roman Liubyi, the director of the film, introduced it and engaged in a meaningful Q&A session after the screening answering our multifaceted questions.

This event, an integral part of the "ETH with Ukraine - Exchanging Knowledge for a Sustainable Future" exhibition, served as an important reminder of the importance of fighting against wrong narratives, the human cost of the war, and the need for justice. It shows that the unpunished evil always comes back.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Roman Liubyi for sharing his film and insights, and to our audience for participating in this important event.