Photo exhibition: One year of war in Ukraine

Photo exhibition: One year of war in Ukraine

It is hard to believe, but the full-scale, unfair, and horrible war against Ukraine has already lasted for a whole year. Ukrainian civilians and Armed Forces have fought and stayed strong throughout this year. And the whole world has shown its solidarity with Ukraine during this year. Yes, the 24th of February 2022 forever changed the life of every person on this planet.

With this exhibition, we want to show you a small piece of life in Ukraine since February 24, 2022, captured by Ukrainian photographers and volunteers. It took a lot of courage and risk to take some of these photos and they are exhibited around the world as a reminder of the current realities in Ukraine. Many of the authors whose photos are presented here are still at the frontlines documenting every new day of the war.

While preparing this exhibition, our UASAZ team had to relive every moment since the beginning of the war, look through thousands of heart-breaking photos, and select those that we would like to share with you. It was a very daunting task, but we are confident these photos will not leave you indifferent.

Some photos might make you cry, some will make you feel powerless, and some will leave a bitter aftertaste in your soul. However, we hope that some of these photos will also motivate you and show that life can go on despite all obstacles: free people can always find the strength to fight for their freedom, land, and families. Whatever darkness is surrounding Ukraine, Ukrainians always have their internal light: children are born, couples are getting married, doctors and rescue teams are working, and Ukrainian volunteers and Armed Forces are fighting.

It is us and only us who decides what we are fighting for and with whom we stand together.

With this exhibition, we would like to remind you once again what Ukrainians are fighting for and why Ukraine continuously needs your help. Stand with Ukraine and be brave like Ukrainian.


your UASAZ team

Location: ETH Zentrum, HG, G floor (Gallery)

Dates: 20.02.2023 - 05.03.2023