Photo exhibition

Photo exhibition "Ukraine: beautiful and unbreakable"

For 2 weeks, we had the honor of hosting a photo exhibition titled "Ukraine: beautiful and unbreakable" dedicated to the Independence Day of Ukraine. It was a result of our inspiring cooperation with the team of Ukraïner. This event held profound significance for us, as it aimed to underscore that despite the adversities and challenges Ukraine has confronted since 2014, our country and nation are striking in their strength, culture, history, and beauty. We wanted to draw attention to Ukraine through its breathtaking landscapes and unique people. Over the course of these two weeks, we received a lot of valuable feedback from the visitors and we are proud to say that we have achieved our goal.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Ukraïner team for providing captivating photos and stories behind them and for your dedicated work.

We will keep saying to the whole world that Ukraine is Beautiful and Unbreakable and hope that all of you will be saying this with us! Stand with Ukraine! 🇺🇦❤️‍🔥