Vyshyvanka Day 2023

All together to set the world record!

The Youth Council under the MFA of Ukraine plans to set the world record for World Vyshyvanka Day.

On May 17, 2023, an event in support of World Vyshyvanka Day will be held in Europe and Canada. Ukrainians abroad will come together in national clothes to form the names of the countries they are in. The next day, on World Vyshyvanka Day, the news of the world record will be published in the media along with a photo report from all participating countries. At the same time, the Youth Council will form the word UKRAINE near the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. During the campaign, the World Book of Records will be working in Ukraine, and it is expected that the campaign will result in the setting of a record for "the largest simultaneous support of the Vyshyvanka Day".

Our main goal is to draw attention to Ukrainian culture and demonstrate Ukraine's unity with the world. Partners of the campaign in Switzerland: The Youth Council under the MFA of Ukraine, the NGO "World Vyshyvanka Day", Ukrainian Students Worldwide, and the Ukrainian choir "Perespiv".

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Where: Bändlistrasse 54, Zürich
When: 18:00